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004 -- Charmander by Jason-de-LEpee 004 -- Charmander :iconjason-de-lepee:Jason-de-LEpee 1 0 003 -- Venasaur by Jason-de-LEpee 003 -- Venasaur :iconjason-de-lepee:Jason-de-LEpee 0 0 002 -- Ivysaur by Jason-de-LEpee 002 -- Ivysaur :iconjason-de-lepee:Jason-de-LEpee 1 0 001 -- Bulbasaur by Jason-de-LEpee 001 -- Bulbasaur :iconjason-de-lepee:Jason-de-LEpee 1 0 Sonic digital painting test by Jason-de-LEpee Sonic digital painting test :iconjason-de-lepee:Jason-de-LEpee 1 0
Mass Effect: Descent (Teaser 2)
The trip back to the Docking Bay D24 was a quiet one. Kaidan had told Vega that he would disclose their orders once back on the Normandy. Right now, he needed to focus on Daniels’ installation. Kaidan chose not to inform Vega on the circumstances of their upcoming departure, making the excuse that they would all know at the debriefing. Now they were waiting in decontamination as the beams worked themselves around their forms again. When Kaidan came to the Citadel, he always left it with more questions than he boarded the station with. This time, however, he was left with a damning sense of quandary. He was now on his way to Rannoch to handle a situation so delicate that it impacted galactic policy. At the same time, he was now overseeing the birth of a new age of AI technology if this “AREM” AI works, and even if it did, the Synthetic Intelligence Statutes were still in effect as they have been for centuries. Granted, the Alliance was quietly pushing for their repeal,
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Super Sonic Test -- New Coloring and Drawing Style by Jason-de-LEpee Super Sonic Test -- New Coloring and Drawing Style :iconjason-de-lepee:Jason-de-LEpee 1 0
Teaser -- Mass Effect: Descent
Akuze Memorial Site – 1030 hours :: 11.4.2191 Alliance Calendar Classification (A.C.C.)
Commander Kaidan Alenko slowly and deliberately fastened the brass cuffs of his military blues, all the while looking at his weathered reflection in the mirror as his reflection looked emptily back at him. He had arrived on Akuze late last night, attempting to spend as little time on this planet as he could before returning back to the Citadel. This was no ordinary planet; this was Akuze, long a testimony for one of the greatest failures of human colonization and a lifetime event of the Hero of the Citadel: Commander Shepard.
That fact bothered the Commander to no end, but not because of the devastation that happened here to a younger Commander Shepard; it was because it was another painful reminder of the Commander himself: his commander for three years, his friend…his love. Today would have been his thirty-seventh birthday. It had been less than five years since the Battle for
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Commander Shepard looked out the window of the apartment at the Armax Arsenal Combat Arena just across the strip, although not really seeing it. While his eyes scoped the holographic lettering of the building, his mind was combing the bulge of the right pocket of his favorite jacket: an N7-themed black cotton hooded jacket that harkened back to 20th and 21st century fashion. Reaching his callused hand into the pocket, he pulled out what it so contained: a black velvet case that contained one of the most special purchases he hoped he would ever make.
As his fingers unconsciously stroked the soft velvet, Shepard thought about the man the contained was intended for. He had known the man for a few years now, but only recently did he realize he had deep feelings for him. A few weeks ago, Shepard got to sit down with him at Apollo Café on the Presidium so they could relax and talk over lunch and drinks. Before they gave themselves the chance to order, his love said something that made
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Snippet: Long Shot
It was well past midnight as the X-Jet streaked towards the island of Genosha, the only place on the planet that offered a safe haven for mutants of any kind. Jean sat in the copilot's seat as Jason piloted the jet in stone silence. Despite the fact there were only roughly two meters apart, Jean felt like it the walls of Jericho had been planted between her and him, but despite that, she could fear a cold fury radiating from Jason.
It had only been a week since a harrowing experience with a mutually shared nightmare had nearly killed them all, but what had caused the rift was Jean's use of telepathy to check in on Jason to see what was wrong with him…without her asking, and had accidentally stumbled upon his darker memories. Jason had quickly realized that someone was "in his head" as it were and furiously rounded on Jean, causing his powers to flare up to dangerous levels. It had taken both Piotr and Scott to calm Jason down, but only enough for him to storm off and lock himself away
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X-Men Forged: New Recruit -- C9: Reminder
CHAPTER 9: Reminder
Downs residence, Red Rock, Oklahoma – Sunday, May 22, 2011, 5:02 PM
"Should I set the table now, Mom?" Jason asked.
"In a minute, Jason. Help me with the tuna casserole."
Jason quickly stepped to Mom's side and began opening the cans of cream of mushroom soup to mix into the pasta and tuna. Jason felt his stomach growl as he began to mix the ingredients together. "It's been too long since you made this, Mom…"
Susan had to smile at that. "Well, I'm glad you love it so much."
"If I didn't, I should be arrested," Jason replied with a smile of his own.
Susan looked back at the meal she was preparing. It had been just over a month since their lives changed forever on that fateful night in April. Jason and her husband, Patrick had been released later the next week. It was tough at first, having to rearrange the house a bit to make it wheelchair friendly, and
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Reach to Remember by Jason-de-LEpee Reach to Remember :iconjason-de-lepee:Jason-de-LEpee 0 0
X-Men Forged: New Recruit -- C8: Answer
CHAPTER 8: Answer
Logan was scouting the alleys in downtown Oklahoma City, all the while being discreet about it. While the Professor and Storm were working with Jason and the family, he felt there was something that needed to be checked out as soon as possible. He had heard that Storm had blasted Deathstrike off the roof last night, and after a little Q&A, he made an educated guess on where she might have landed. Part of him doubted that he'll find what he is looking for, but it was a lot better to check than to wonder. After all, with someone like Lady Deathstrike, you can never be too sure.
As he travelled up and down several dirty alleys, he came upon what looked like to be a pawn shop that looked like it had been broken into, quite literally in this case. Already, there was a crowd of the curious trying to see what had gone down, but police tape kept them from getting too close. He lo
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X-Men Forged: New Recruit -- C7: Question
CHAPTER 7: Question
St. Anthony's Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; April 21, 2011 – 7:16 AM
Piotr Rasputin had not moved from Jason's side since the poor boy returned to that bed. While they did take Jason right back to safety, Dr. Strange surmised that Jason's more recent injuries were more severe than what it seemed. Under the guise of a doctor, Dr. Strange called for nurses to support him as they put Jason on a crash cart and wheeled him away. Piotr could only watch in apprehensive silence.
Now, it was morning, and Piotr was perched beside Jason. Jason now had two re-fractured ribs and a partially collapsed lung as a result of the ribs, yet the most damage may be within Jason's mind from his nervous breakdown. As a result, Jason was now lying flat on his back, wrapped up in fresh bandages and on a ventilator. What doctors couldn't determine was why Jason was back in a coma
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X-Men Forged: New Recruit -- C6: Thunder
CHAPTER 6: Thunder
At the hotel where he and Ororo were staying the nights, Professor Charles Xavier was sound asleep in the bed when he felt the mental prodding of someone trying to get his attention. To a psychic, this was essentially the equivalent of shaking someone awake. Waking up, he immediately sat up and probed the psychic realm for what had disturbed him.
He found the culprit at once. "Stephen, what's wrong?" In his mind's eye, he could see the blue astral form of Dr. Strange hovering before him.
The form spoke to Xavier. "Magneto has moved in on Jason, and now has both Wolverine and Colossus captive. Magneto brought along Mystique and Lady Deathstrike."
The Professor's eyes dilated at the last name. Logan had told him much about her, but to have a mind like hers near Jason, now of all times… "We must move quickly. I must get the rest of the X-Men here and quickly.
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X-Men Forged: New Recruit -- C5: Plight
CHAPTER 5: Plight
Undisclosed location -- Wednesday, April 20th, 2011; 7:13 PM
One lone figure stood before several large screens displaying various readouts that the searcher in front of them had requested. He stood tall over the consoles in front of him. Adorned in brick-red armor, black pants and a large flowing purple cape, the man looked imposing as if he possessed power higher than any king. On top of his head was a metal helmet that hid everything in its shadow.
Erik Lehnsherr was a man that was raised during a time when a segment of humanity had sunk into barbarism, which led to the death of all his family save himself. He survived the Holocaust, but scarred. During the Nazi oppression of the Jewish race, his family tried to escape to Poland, but was captured. Eventually, Erik had ended up in Auschwitz but had survived long enough to be liberated by an American strike team.
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003 -- Venasaur
And the final form of the Bulbasaur line is done. I'm not proud of the flower, but it will work. Next up is our favorite Fire-type starter.
001 -- Bulbasaur
I'm going to try to keep my practice up by drawing every single Pokemon once a day, so it will take like two years. Anyway, here is Bulbasaur.
Sonic digital painting test
I recently got myself a new iPad Pro and got a 5 dollar art program with it. Hope I can do some cool stuff with this!
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June 4, 2014

That was my tenth anniversary in starting to write fanfiction. I would have said something about this earlier, but with moving and no internet, this post was delayed for quite some time.

I had designated June 4th, 2004 to be the first step into a realm of endless possibilities, although I never knew it at the time. While I had drawn fanart for a few weeks before--my first pieces were published around May 22, 2004--my first words in fanfiction was the following passage: 

Dear Diary,

          It has been a very interesting week. I know I’ve been to the Floating Island before, but never have I worked under Knuckles as an assistant. It was fun, even he was a bit of a grouch. Sure wish Sonic, was there. We were both going to the Island together, but Amy visited the village from the city, and Sonic barricaded himself in his hut. Said something about being sick. When I visited him the next day, he really was sick. Amy started panicking and screaming him about having the mumps or typhoid or something like that, even if it was just a head cold. That kept him from going to the Island. I said I’d stay, but they said to go there and have fun and he’ll be there probably tomorrow. I’ve learned my first lesson: Never believe those so-called volunteer nurses. Anyway, I took my plane, Tornado, and flew off to the Island. You know how difficult it is to land a biplane on a flying island? I miss-aimed my landing and nearly hit the flag lady. Stupid lady, you’d think they wouldn’t stand where a plane could hit you. Then, I entered Echid—Echidn—what stupid hick decided to call it that? I thought Station Square was big. I got lost. It’s a good thing I ran into a cop, and I asked where Knuckles lives.

I know, I know, it's horrible and stinks than a flock of dead fish, but that's not the point. This first paragraph belongs to a short, silly fic called Help Wanted, a Sonic the Hedgehog fic that all started with a bizarre dream I had one night. Around the same time, I had been reading a lot of fanfiction by :iconnetraptor: and I got influenced by her Sonic Adventure 2 adapt, Shadows of Chaos, to write another very short fic called The Fall...and Back Again, which was finished before Help Wanted This would spawn a psuedo-sequel to be published later in August. Not knowing at the time what I was getting into, I just kept writing. There were several failed products that had emerged, but were thankfully squashed in 2004. Such of these were a failed SA1 adapt, a Star Trek/Sonic crossover and a Sonic Heroes adapt. Discouraged, I canned them all, but in February 2005, I resuscitated the SA1 project that would turn into The Great Adventure: The Legend of Chaos, which would be completed later that year in October. At that time, it was the largest fanfic I had written, with over 100,000 words over 32 chapters. As a note, all of these fanfics were published on and Fanfiction.

Due to that fic's relative success, I was encouraged to continue with an SA2 adaptation, The Great Adventure 2: Revenge of the Shadow, which was published in April 2006. After that, I was beginning to wonder where I was going to go with all these works. They were rather generic and hollow by themselves, but together they inferred a bigger story, something only I knew. Then I realized that I had to continue writing, so I began outlining an overarching story composed of 18 possible stories, as well as an extensive worldbuilding project to support them all. Before I could act too far on it, I entered college and fanfiction writing took something of a break as I devoted myself to studies. At the same time, Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was released and I started playing that. I was intrigued enough with the story to write that into the arch as well, and had even begun writing it, but only casually. April 2008 changed everything when I was diagnosed with stress-anxiety disorder coupled with psychogenic nonepilepsy, and March-April 2008 were the darkest months of my life. Depressed and struggling, I wondered if I should quit college and go back home. Suddenly, in July 2008, I decided to try fanfiction again, and something awoke inside me, a passion for writing that I never felt before. Those who might have read the fic at the time may have noticed a complete style change in writing in Chapter 15. I kept going and going until finally, The Great Adventure 3: The Flames of Solaris was published in July 2010, boasting 27 chapters and 479 pages. 

During that time, I soon discovered that ideas that weren't going to work for fanfiction at all were jotted down in a notebook, and I began to entertain the idea of original works. I couldn't while I was in school because I was in my senior year at the time, so I had to refocus, but my writing surged forward. Then, in April 2011, my writing would turn again a new direction. One night, April 11, 2011, I wrote a one-shot of something completely unrelated to anything I've ever done before, and for a week, I had no idea what to do with it. At the same time, I was introduced to X-Men Evolution, a TV series that reimagined most of the X-Men as highschoolers coexisting in a typical high school setting. Also being heavily influenced by Fullmetal Alchemist, I soon had an idea on how that one-shot could become...and Jason Downs was born. Later that same year, X-Men Forged: New Recruit was published in December 2011. 

For the last two and a half years, my writing skyrocketed, setting new personal bests and earning a lot of feedback. Despite a lot of setbacks in life, status and whatnot, I still continue to write. While I still have a few stalled projects--such as Shadows of Doom: Night of the Hunter and Operation: Firestorm--other works continue to bloom, such as a romance in the Dragon Age universe, more Marvel-related works, and even a secret project that I hope to reveal later before 2015. At the same time, original works have taken off. I learned that I'm like a shark; I have to keep writing or it all dies. Thankfully, my mind is always pouring with ideas,a side-effect of my condition, I suppose.

It's been quite a roller-coaster ride the last ten years, but I discovered a lot about myself, the art of writing and many other things in those years. I hope to learn more and more in the next ten--as well as finish those fics. :D

Thank you all for all the support!


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